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Ugly zombie female sitting in front of computer

Zombie 2nd Trust Deed, Junior Mortgage Lien, or HELOC Secured Debt and Loans

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Any of the below apply? Received a Pending or Threatened Foreclosure against your residence, or income property, from a Zombie Junior Lien, or 2nd (or even 3rd position) Mortgage? Debt Holder, Investor, or Mortgage company, has demanded payment from you for an aged (forgotten, charged-off, or advised as settled) real property secured loan? Years have… Read More »

On the table are money, a calculator, a notebook and cubes with the inscription - LLC

Opening an LLC Bank account in California

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

When you decide to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in California, you’re taking a significant step toward establishing your business’s legal identity and protecting your personal assets. One crucial aspect of managing an LLC is setting up a dedicated bank account for your business transactions. While having a separate business bank account for your… Read More »

FORBEARANCE text on notebook with chart and calculator and coins, business concept

Understanding Loan Forbearance Agreements

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Financial difficulties can sometimes make it challenging for businesses and individuals to meet their loan repayment obligations. In California, loan forbearance agreements can serve as a temporary solution to help borrowers avoid defaulting on their loans. Below, we explore the key aspects of loan forbearance agreements in California and how they might benefit both borrowers… Read More »

Negative human emotions. Financial problems. Portrait of unhappy young couple having looking worried while reading notification informing them about eviction from apartment because of unpaid bills

Pros and Cons of Filing Bankruptcy Jointly With Spouse

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Financial struggles are never easy, and they can be especially complex when they involve a married couple. It is not at all uncommon for married couples to be struggling together with debt troubles, so it’s not surprising that many consider filing for bankruptcy together as well. This move often makes the most sense, but there… Read More »

Juridical concept meaning Meeting of Creditors with inscription on the sheet.

What Happens at a Meeting of Creditors in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

The meeting of creditors is a required step in the process of obtaining debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For many debtors, the idea of having to attend a meeting of one’s creditors in a formal legal setting may sound daunting, but in reality the meeting of creditors is nothing to fear at all. Read… Read More »

electronic signatures

What You Need to Know About Electronic Signatures for California Transactions

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

As we continue to progress into an increasingly digital world, many aspects of our everyday transactions are evolving. This includes the way we sign contracts and other legal documents. Traditional ink signatures are being replaced by their electronic counterparts in many situations, offering convenience and efficiency without compromising legal authenticity. If you’re doing business in… Read More »

consumer protection

What Does a Consumer Protection Attorney Do?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

When it comes to corporate misdeeds, many of us have become cynics. We expect the companies that provide our goods and services to do whatever they can to make a buck, even if it comes at our expense. What many people do not realize is that commercial businesses–whether they sell products, issue credit and loans,… Read More »

High angle view of gavel on document with petition to file for bankruptcy lettering isolated on beige

Common Myths About Bankruptcy

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Bankruptcy is incredibly common in California and across the country, but the process is misunderstood by many people. There are too many myths floating around about the disadvantages–and even some perceived advantages–of filing for bankruptcy. Below, we dispel a few of the most common myths we’ve encountered about bankruptcy. For accurate and trusted advice concerning… Read More »

bankruptcy attorney california

Reasons Not to File a Bankruptcy

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

When you’re under a mountain of debt–medical debts, credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, back taxes, or any other debts–it can be difficult to see a way out. For many people, bankruptcy is a useful tool to let them reset the playing field and start over. Bankruptcy is nobody’s first option, but for hundreds of… Read More »

Bankruptcy petition for individuals with gavel.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

If you are dealing with individual debt–credit cards, student loans, medical bills, etc.–you may come to the point where filing for bankruptcy is your best option. The vast majority of individual bankruptcy debtors file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Whether you are better off under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depends upon your financial… Read More »