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Southern California Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

The business law attorneys at Rounds & Sutter have years of experience providing trusted advice and effective legal representation to California business owners, shareholders, and corporate entities fielding shareholder disputes. We help businesses large and small resolve disputes through informal negotiation, internal investigations, mediation, or litigation, depending upon the nature of the dispute and the extent of the disagreement. Our goal is to resolve the dispute as quickly, quietly, and effectively as possible. We represent individual stakeholders with legitimate concerns as well as corporations protecting their interests against overzealous allegations.

If you’re dealing with a shareholder dispute or if you intend to raise a dispute among other stakeholders regarding the operation of your enterprise, call Rounds & Sutter for seasoned advice and assistance. We help business entities of all sizes and across industries resolve their shareholder disputes through effective, quality legal representation.

Common Issues Giving Rise to Shareholder Conflict

Shareholder disputes can arise for any number of reasons. Different shareholders may have simple disagreements about the direction of the company, or there may be concerns about conflicts of interest or other breaches of duty.

California law gives shareholders the right to an annual report, the right to access and adhere to the bylaws of the company, the right to vote (if they have a voting share), and the right to the results of any meeting votes. Shareholders with a larger percentage are entitled to additional information. Abuse or denial of these rights often gives rise to shareholder complaints and unnecessary legal disputes.

At Rounds & Sutter, we represent corporations and individual shareholders navigating disputes covering a wide range of subject matters, including:

  • Succession concerns
  • Disputes over profit-sharing
  • Allegations of breach of duty or self-dealing
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Oppression of minority shareholders
  • Breach of contract
  • Embezzlement, fraud, or other misuse of company assets
  • Misconduct by officers and directors
  • Opaque disclosure of financial information
  • Severance disputes
  • Holding competing business interests
  • Failure to pay out investment returns or distributions
  • Disparities in financial commitment to the business
  • Undesirable merger, acquisition, or other restructuring

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We help individual shareholders and businesses investigate allegations and resolve shareholder disputes as they arise, but the best defense against shareholder disputes is effective preparation. A comprehensive and legally sound shareholder agreement can significantly reduce the cost and hassle of a shareholder dispute, either by resolving the issue entirely or providing for a streamlined and effective manner for handling the dispute. Our shareholder agreement lawyers will help you draft an agreement that anticipates and corrects for potential issues, helps stakeholders plan for and understand the business’s future, and provides for a clear resolution of any issues that do arise.

Resolve Your Shareholder Disputes Comprehensively, Privately, and Cost-Effectively With Help From a Southern California Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

At Rounds & Sutter, we offer personalized, tailored service to California business owners facing allegations by aggrieved shareholders and other legal conflicts. We’ll help you review your options and take the steps necessary to protect your corporate structure, your assets, and your business network. Whether there are allegations of abuse by minority shareholders, disputes over sale and transfer, disagreements regarding strategy and direction, conflicts of interest, or any other shareholder disputes, our California business law attorneys are ready to help. We’ll help you pursue all available options with the goal of preserving the future of your business with minimal interruption. Contact the Southern California shareholder dispute law firm Rounds & Sutter in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or Westlake Village for a free consultation.