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California Automotive Repair Defense Attorneys

A California auto repair shop depends on its Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) license to stay in business. If that license is threatened, so are the livelihoods of those who own or work for the shop. If you’ve received a BAR accusation or citation, you need experienced legal help to defend your license and professional reputation. Contact Rounds & Sutter for help protecting the future of the business you’ve worked hard to build when it is facing the threat of a BAR accusation.

Seemingly small mistakes can lead to serious consequences for repair shops

It doesn’t take much to draw the attention of the BAR. Even something as small as an error on a work order can result in a change in status to the shop’s license. Smog check, auto repair, and STAR-certified shops can also face citations and other disciplinary actions for:

  • Alleged fraud or misrepresentation
  • Low rates of smog check failures
  • Failure to identify issues with undercover BAR cars, such as failure to remove aftermarket performance chip devices
  • Negligent or faulty auto repairs
  • Clean piping claims
  • Errors on estimates
  • Failure to provide documents to customers

Repair shops must take action quickly after receiving an accusation

Once the BAR has filed an accusation against a license holder, license revocation can happen fast. The license holder has only a brief window of time to respond before they will be considered in default and will no longer have a right to a hearing before the BAR. To best preserve an ARD or smog check license, auto repair shop owners must speak with experienced and professional California license defense lawyers as soon as possible after they receive an accusation. The knowledgeable Ventura BAR license defense lawyers at Rounds & Sutter will help you request a hearing before the BAR, represent you in that hearing, and provide an aggressive defense against threats to your ARD or other BAR-issued license.

Dedicated help with legal challenges faced by California automotive repair shops

Our skilled license defense lawyers help automotive repair shops facing the following challenges:

  • Accusations or citations from the Bureau of Automotive Repair
  • Smog check license invalidation
  • Smog tech repair technician license threats
  • Threats to your ARD (Automotive Repair Dealer) license
  • Receipt of an interim suspension order
  • Hearings before the BAR
  • Results from undercover car investigations of smog check stations
  • License denial by the BAR
  • Revocation of STAR Program certification
  • Threats to licenses held by brake technicians and lamp technicians
  • Criminal charges against auto repair shop owners

Get Help with Automotive Repair Defense Issues in Ventura and Southern California

For effective, dedicated, and professional help with your California BAR hearing or license defense, contact the Ventura BAR license defense lawyers Rounds & Sutter at 805-650-7100.