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Ventura Car Repair Fraud and Negligence Defense Attorney

Defending Auto Shops and Technicians During Bureau of Automotive Repair Investigations

Automobiles are complex, technical pieces of machinery. Learning how to diagnose, repair, and check vehicles for regulatory compliance takes a significant investment of time, effort, and money. California law sets significant requirements for the professional licensing required to operate on vehicles in any capacity, especially to perform specialty services such as smog checks. A challenge to your repair license is a direct attack on your livelihood and the years you’ve spent building your business and your career. When those disputes allege fraud or negligence, they are a direct attack on your reputation and your pride.

At Rounds & Sutter, we understand just how much effort goes into obtaining a Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) license, and how devastating it can be if your BAR license is revoked or if you face other sanctions. If you’ve been accused of car repair fraud or negligence, contact the automotive repair defense attorneys at Rounds & Sutter to protect your business, your reputation, and your livelihood.

Common Fraud and Negligence Allegations

BAR investigations and other liability concerns can arise if your auto repair shop is accused of car repair fraud or repair negligence. The typical fraud complaint comes in the area of consumer protection law, accusing a shop of unfair and deceptive business practices. Most commonly, the allegations brought against BAR licensed repair shops include one or more of the following accusations:

  • The repair shop failed to actually repair the vehicle
  • The repair shop performed unnecessary repairs or charged for repairs that were never actually completed
  • The repair shop charged far too much for the repairs that were completed

If a customer believes that you failed to fix their car as promised, or that you overcharged them for unnecessary services or services never completed, they might file a complaint with the BAR accusing you of negligence or fraud. If you are contacted by the BAR or if you otherwise suspect you are the subject of a complaint or a BAR investigation, call a knowledgeable BAR license and repair fraud defense attorney for advice and representation throughout the matter.

The BAR’s Fraud/Negligence Investigation

If the BAR has received a complaint accusing you of negligence or fraud, they could contact you directly acting as an intermediary for the aggrieved customer. In that capacity, the BAR’s primary goal is to achieve a settlement between you and the complaining party; they will not represent the complainant in court, and they are not there to directly levy fines against you. They will, however, assist the complainant in resolving the matter before it gets to court.

The BAR will look into a variety of matters to determine if the complaint is legitimate. They will look to, for example, whether all work performed was specifically authorized, whether there was a written estimate provided to the customer in advance of the repairs, whether you provided the customer with a detailed or itemized invoice listing repairs completed, and other factors to establish whether the customer was fully apprised of their options in advance and whether any added costs were snuck in.

Ideally, and with the help of an attorney, you and the customer (by way of the BAR) will reach a favorable settlement and avoid the need to go to court. Your auto fraud defense attorney can help you investigate the vehicle in question and the circumstances of the repair to find out if the customer’s complaint holds any water and/or if there is any other party at fault. In many cases, there are manufacturing defects, design defects, failure of replacement parts, or other problems that may be causing the customer’s auto issues that have nothing to do with whether the auto technician performed their duties in accordance with the appropriate standard of care. Discuss your case with an experienced California auto repair negligence and fraud defense attorney to find out your options for defending your practice.

Trusted Help with Automotive Repair Fraud and Negligence Defense in Ventura and Southern California

For qualified and thorough help responding to allegations of auto repair fraud or negligence, or for help with your California BAR hearing or license defense, contact the Ventura auto repair fraud defense lawyers Rounds & Sutter at 805-650-7100.