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Ventura Bankruptcy Appeals Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorneys Helping California Debtors Appeal Adverse Decisions

Life is seldom easy. You’ve realized your debt issues are insurmountable without legal relief. You’ve decided to file for bankruptcy. You picked the proper Chapter based on your financial situation, gathered your paperwork, filed your documents, and got the process going. Suddenly, the judge issues a ruling that devastates your proceeding. What happens next? Are you stuck with a ruling that saps you of your right to discharge, allows a creditor to take your home, or otherwise looks like the path to worse financial problems?

The bankruptcy appeals lawyers at Rounds & Sutter are ready to help. You are not stuck with every ruling issued by the bankruptcy court, or even with unfavorable results following a bankruptcy trial. Our bankruptcy litigation team will take your case through the appellate process and challenge unfair rulings unsupported by the facts or the law. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer you can trust to stick with you through trial, appeal, and beyond, or if you need new counsel to handle your appeal after an unfavorable result, call the California bankruptcy appeals team at Rounds & Sutter today.

What Issues Can Be Appealed in a Bankruptcy Proceeding?

Appellate litigation is complex, even more so in a bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy appeals have an especially short timetable; you have to file your Notice of Appeal within 14 days of an appealable bankruptcy court order or judgment in order to protect your rights. Failing to timely register your notice of appeal or otherwise act to preserve your rights can result in your appeal being time-barred. That’s why it’s so important to have a seasoned bankruptcy litigation team on your side and to understand your appellate rights.

At Rounds & Sutter, we help bankruptcy debtors appeal adverse decisions, whether they occur after a trial or during the proceedings. There are strict rules about the kinds of orders that are appealable. Orders must typically be “final” to be appealable, meaning the order represented an adjudication of some matter on the merits. “Interlocutory” orders, meaning orders that decide some intervening matter that will require further steps before reaching a judgment on the merits, are typically not appealable.

Drawing that line can be difficult, especially in a bankruptcy case. You can typically appeal, for example, an order lifting the automatic stay for a creditor or granting summary judgment. Procedural orders, on the other hand, are typically not appealable. Important rights can be decided early in your bankruptcy case, however, and it’s important to preserve your right to appeal where possible. The bankruptcy appeals team at Rounds & Sutter intimately understands bankruptcy law and the rules of procedure, and we know how to protect your rights.

Experienced Litigators Protecting Your Rights at All Stages of Your Bankruptcy Case

At Rounds & Sutter, our bankruptcy litigation team has more than three decades of combined experience helping consumers and debtors find financial relief and freedom. We’ve been through every part of the bankruptcy process dozens, if not hundreds of times, and we know how the system works. We’ll work with you to develop your financial profile, choose the right type of bankruptcy, ensure that you qualify, prepare your petition, litigate your case, negotiate with the trustee and creditors, defend your rights in court, and appeal any unfair decision that would adversely affect your path to financial freedom. If you have any questions about the bankruptcy process, litigation, debt relief options, or appeals, we’re standing by to hear from you.

Protect Your Finances, Your Assets, and Your Future. Call Rounds & Sutter to Explore Your Options for Debt Relief

If you are dealing with mounting debts and are considering bankruptcy, or if you are dealing with the fallout from an adverse bankruptcy ruling, speak with the compassionate and knowledgeable bankruptcy and debt relief lawyers at Rounds & Sutter for a free consultation.  Reach out to us at our offices in Ventura and Westlake Village, and start your journey toward life debt-free or with manageable debt.