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Southern California Residential Real Estate Attorney

Trusted Service for Residential Real Estate Matters in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Westlake Village

Purchasing a home is often the largest business transaction individuals will experience in their lives. Buying or selling a home is a massive undertaking, requiring mountains of paperwork, many different specialized parties, and significant financial literacy. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home for the first or the fifth time, you need a savvy legal advisor in your corner to protect your finances and your interests. If a dispute arises following the transaction, it’s all the more important to have the right legal team on your side.

The residential real estate attorneys at Rounds & Sutter are ready to help you with your Southern California residential real estate transaction or dispute. We help with purchase and sale transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, zoning and tax issues, and all other matters of residential real estate law. With offices in Santa Barbara, San Clemente & Westlake Village, our real estate lawyers assist buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in real estate transactions and litigation throughout Southern California.

Comprehensive Service for Your Residential Purchase or Sale

The real estate legal team at Rounds & Sutter is prepared to work with you at all steps of your real estate transaction, from investigating your options all the way to closing. Our service does not stop when you sign on the dotted line; if any disputes concerning the transaction occur after the fact, our litigation and real estate dispute attorneys are ready to protect your interests.

At Rounds & Sutter, our residential real estate attorneys offer comprehensive legal advice and representation for all stages of your transaction, including the following:

  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Conducting title searches and other inspections
  • Addressing zoning issues
  • Identifying and resolving clouds on title, including easements, liens, rights-of-way, and boundary disputes
  • Obtaining financing and negotiating the mortgage terms
  • Advising on tax issues
  • Homeowner Association issues
  • Covenants, restrictions, and conditions
  • Appraisals
  • Lease negotiation and execution
  • Closing and execution
  • Post-closing disputes and litigation
  • Quiet title actions

We’ll also aid you with developing your property and any issues that may arise, including zoning or land use concerns, financing, taxation, and other matters. If you have a pending or anticipated real estate transaction, call the Southern California real estate legal team at Rounds & Sutter for experienced advice and representation.

Leases and Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The seasoned residential real estate attorneys at Rounds & Sutter represent landlords and tenants in lease disputes as well as purchase and sale. We help landlords draft sound leases that best protect their property and interests, and we’ll aid aggrieved parties down the line if disputes arise regarding lease terms.

Call Rounds & Sutter if you are a landlord or tenant dealing with any lease-related issue, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Tenant rights issues
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Right to purchase
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosure and foreclosure defense

Call Rounds & Sutter for Help With a Residential Real Estate Matter

If you are entering into a real estate transaction or find yourself involved in a dispute over real estate, contact Rounds & Sutter at our offices in Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, Ventura or San Clemente. We provide advice and representation across the spectrum of real estate law in Southern California.