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The Law Offices of Rounds and Sutter would like to thank everyone one who has provide us with your testimonial. We value all of our clients and love hearing from them. It gives us endless satisfaction and validates all the hard work we put towards every client.

“Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the easiest to go thru but this team is so help answer all questions comments and concerns. They make you feel comfortable so you can trust them in every step. Thank you!!”
mrs b

“I was referred to Rounds & Sutter by attorney when I needed to file business bankruptcy. Randall Sutter was so professional and guided me through a very difficult time for me. He walked with me through every step of the process. I would call or email with questions and always called or emailed back promptly. The office staff was very courteous and professional whenever I had to go to the office. My circumstance was complicated and took over two years to complete. Randy always was there to explain to what was going on and to assure me it was going as planned. If you are looking for someone who will be on your side and take very good care of you, reach out to Randall Sutter.”
Jackie M

“It was great working with this law firm they made this hard process much easier, very trustworthy. I recommend them 100%”
Rosie N.

“The best of the best.”
John M.

“Very pleased with the service provided. Guidance was provided through the entire process and there was excellent open communication even during the social distancing. I would highly recommend.”
Krysti B.

“John is a fantastic lawyer.
I highly recommend him he was very knowledgeable and trustworthy.
He keep me informed each step of the way.
I really appreciated what he have done for me.
I would not have being happier!”

Monica W.

“As many new business owners, I had no idea where to begin when i was looking into purchasing my business. Randall made sure to ease my mind with any questions or concerns I ever had. He made sure that the entire process was stress free for me. Randall was always professional and was up-to-date on all the new laws in my field of work. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking into business purchases and need guidance in the right direction.”
Irving Q.

“100 rounds of applause to you guys!!
Made me always feel comfortable and confident you can do the job! I love the way everyone works as a team and always including me. Once again thank you. You guys rock! 👏👏👏👏”

Rosemary C.

“Mr. Rounds and his staff conducted themselves with the utmost respect and attention to me throughout the stages of my Bankruptcy. The process is scary in of itself but Mr. Rounds handled everything so professional and in a timely manner…”
John B.

“Rounds & Sutter LLP is very professional. They answered all my questions and they put 110% effort into communicating with their clients and help them win the case. I am really happy Rounds & Sutter LLP represented me in court.”
Kimberly L.

“John is a good guy and a honest person. Everyone their is very nice and helpful. John, tells you what you need to know and explains everything very well.”
Aaron K.

“When I first met Randy I was completely lost and scared regarding the case I had. I had been to a few lawyers prior to coming to Rounds & Sutter and no one was willing to give it a go but when I met with Randy he was willing to give it a try. I am beyond thankful he did because he was the perfect lawyer for my case. He explained everything during the entire process, made me feel comfortable and never pushed anything. I am forever grateful for Randy and his staff. They are the BEST!”
Alexandra R.

“My current husband found Randy for me as I was not in the state of mind to deal with a debt my late husband had accrued under one of my credit cards before he decided to take his own life 6 years ago. By this time the debt had been sent to an attorney’s office for collection and was over 10 years old. Apparently, the company had put a lien on my house and everything! Not knowing what to expect or what was going to happen with a debt that started out over $20,000.00 I went in to see Randy for a free consult. Randy was incredibly sensitive to my situation and immediately made me feel as ease with his expertise in debt resolution. Within that first consult I knew Randy was the man for us. Sure enough within a short period of time Randy was able to negotiate the debt down to under $2000.00 and was able to get the lien off my house. I can not even tell you the relief and appreciate I feel for Randy and his staff for taking care of this for me and my family. What he did for us was priceless. I highly recommend Randy of Rounds & Sutter LLP”
Jo C.

These guys really care.
Tanya T.

“I remember a time when I was on top of the world. Everything I touch turned to gold, any idea I had I knew would be successful. Those were the days I thought I was untouchable, and quite honestly I was. I had found success, financial security and was living the life I always wanted. I was providing for my kids making my family proud did not have a care in the world. Then in an instant everything changed, I went from being on top of the world to falling hard, hitting the ground with a very large splat! I like many, had been caught up in the real estate bubble and when things burst all over the nation, they burst big in my home as well. I thought I was done for; I had no hope, and no understanding of how I could make things better. With some stroke of luck I reached out and called my attorney (Tamara Harper, who also had become a friend of mine), and I explained that I was upside down in life and needed some help. She referred me to two individuals who are now not only my attorneys but also dear friend, John Rounds, and Randy Sutter of Rounds in Sutter … John and Randy made an appointment with me the day that I called them. Without getting to specific about my troubles….I am here to tell you that John and Randy gave me reason to breathe again. With their strong support and extensive legal knowledge, they provided me a path to a new life. John and Randy were then and will always be my ROCK. They always have my best interest at heart and keep my legal matters in perfect order. I recommend to anyone who needs help with their life to see Rounds and Sutter. They are the BEST!!!”
Danette B.

“I was very lucky to have found the Law Offices of Rounds & Sutter. John, Randy, and their staff were always kind, efficient and expedient. I had retained two other attorneys for financial assistance and after I paid them they both said they could not help me. John looked at my situation and only after he was sure he could help me did I retain him. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone that needs their services.”
Jamie K.

“Like most people we never thought we would have to file bankruptcy but found we had to file. Thankfully we were sent to Rounds & Sutter! This was one of the hardest times of our lives and most stressful too. We had many questions and every single time we called, emailed, or texted the office we were always treated as if we were the most important client they had. We were always treated with respect and always got answers as fast as possible. Randy and his staff handled everything so professionally that most of the stress was lifted from us. No matter how many questions we (mostly me because I ask a lot of questions) asked they never lost patience and always answered. We would highly recommend this firm to everyone, for every matter they handle, because we know you will be treated right and walk away with the best results. We wish all Attorneys were like Rounds & Sutter, if they were attorneys would have MUCH better reputations!”
-Jon and Debbie Meredith

“John and Randy have supported our business and real property interests for years. We have relied on them for help with leases, services contracts, employment issues, regulatory matters and other pressing concerns.”

-Brandon and Danni B.

“I have used the services of Round and Sutter on 3 occasions. Randy, John, and their staff were very professional, honest, and considerate when helping me and my family with our concerns regarding real estate and other financial business. I would highly recommend using Round and Sutter to anyone that is seeking legal advice.”

-Tom T.

“Like many new business owners, I was lost on where to start as this was all so new to me! Randall made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed and looked out for my best interest. He made the purchase of the business so easy and stress free. I highly recommend his services for any new business owners. Thank you so much for all of your help, again!”

-Irving Quiroz

Disclaimer: The above testimonials are from our former clients and have not been altered or changed in any way. The testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your personal legal matter.