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California and Wage Garnishments: What Are Your Rights?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

If you owe certain types of debts to creditors, the government, or certain individuals, you may be subject to a particularly irritating arrangement: garnishment of your wages.  The person to whom you owe debt may be able to collect directly from your paycheck before you even get your hands on your money.  Wage garnishment is… Read More »

Businessman carrying a large and heavy stone on his back

U.S. Secretary of Education Sanctioned for Collecting on Loans of Defrauded Students

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Student loan debt is one of the biggest contributors to individual debt in the United States.  As of March 2019, student loan borrowers owed a collective $1.6 trillion in federal and private student loan debt.  While that number alone is cause for reflection on our educational system, in recent years, much of that debt has… Read More »


When Can I File for Bankruptcy Again?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Bankruptcy is never anyone’s first choice for dealing with financial hardship, although much of the associated stigma is evaporating as more and more Americans turn to bankruptcy as a reasonable and appropriate solution for recovering from money issues. Moreover, the vast majority of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies (over 97 percent) involve individuals struggling… Read More »

Student loan handwritten in a note. Money for education.

FTC Goes After Shady Student Loan Debt Relief Operation

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

We’ve discussed student loans before. More than 44 million borrowers in the U.S. collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. It’s a significant problem for our economy and American consumers struggling with debt. There are appropriate debt relief options for alleviating the burden of student loans, including bankruptcy in proper circumstances. There are also… Read More »

The concept of tax settlement.

Can I Discharge My Income Tax Debt?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

There is a common misconception that federal tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Income tax debt can, in fact, be discharged, although discharge is subject to additional rules and restrictions beyond typical debt discharge. Whether your tax debt is dischargeable depends on the circumstances of the debt, the nature of the taxpayer, and the… Read More »

A bag with the word Debt and an up arrow in the hands of a businessman. Receivables. The growth of debts for utilities and payment of salaries. High level. Overdue debt on loans. Loan and mortgage

Bankruptcies on the Rise in Southern California

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Bankruptcy is never someone’s plan for their future, and never their first option when financial troubles arise. It can be unpleasant to face the economic reality that bankruptcy is the best remaining option. However, bankruptcies are incredibly common and are not the permanent scarlet letter that many fear them to be. Bankruptcy is a useful… Read More »

Businesswoman brings rock with Debt word

U.S. Supreme Court to Address When Denial of Creditor’s Motion to Lift Bankruptcy Stay Can Be Appealed

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

One of the most important and useful parts of filing for bankruptcy is that a bankruptcy automatically stops any collection activity by outstanding creditors. Creditors cannot proceed with lawsuits, evictions, foreclosures, utility disconnections, or other collection activities once notified of a bankruptcy proceeding and the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a welcome relief for… Read More »

calculator reads exemption with coins and notebook

How to Use California’s Wildcard Exemption in Bankruptcy

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

When you file for bankruptcy in California, many of your assets become subject to the bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcies, in particular, could involve the liquidation of many of your non-exempt assets in order to pay off your creditors. But not all property must be liquidated, and not all of your assets are within the reach of… Read More »

Businessman Checking Credit Score On Cellphone app

How Long Must Bankruptcy Stay On Your Credit Report in California?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Bankruptcy is an important and viable option for many Americans struggling with debt. Clients often fear that bankruptcy means the end of their financial lives. At some point down the line after recovering financially, you may need a loan for a car or home, or even to rent an apartment with a landlord who checks… Read More »

Piggy bank submerged under water to indicate discharge of debt

Is a Judgment Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

By Rounds & Sutter LLP |

Clients facing a judgment from a lawsuit often ask if those judgments are considered debts that are dischargeable in bankruptcies. Clients generally fear that if they do not file for bankruptcy before a judgment is entered, then that judgment automatically becomes a lien, which eliminates their chances in bankruptcy court. The truth is not so… Read More »