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Southern California Partnership Dispute Lawyer

A business partnership is much like a marriage. When everything is going well, everyone is better off. When things start to go south, the partners can do more harm to their own interests than any external threat could. Just like a marriage, personal preference, life events, and overbearing egos can get in the way of smooth operations. In the corporate world, there are means and mechanisms for resolving disputes between partners without jeopardizing the business at the core of the enterprise. We can help you do just that.

The California partnership dispute attorneys at Rounds & Sutter have spent decades helping businesses resolve all manner of disputes, both external and internal. We understand business operations as well as we understand the law, and we work with business partners to find a solution that best serves everyone’s interests. If litigation is inevitable, we’ll make sure that your interests are protected to the fullest extent of the law. If your limited liability company, limited partnership, general partnership, or limited liability partnership is in the midst of a partnership dispute that is harming your business operations, call Rounds & Sutter today for trusted advice and representation.

Comprehensive Resolution of All Manner of Partnership Disputes

Partners may find themselves disagreeing about how the business should be run at many stages. Usually, these disagreements can be discussed and resolved in the normal course of business. Under certain circumstances, however, partnership disagreements can become so vehement as to necessitate more official legal steps.

At Rounds & Sutter, we help businesses resolve partnership disputes involving all manner of issues, including:

  • Claimed breach of fiduciary duty
  • Misappropriation of funds or business assets
  • Succession issues arising from departure, divorce, or death
  • Removal of a partner
  • Allegations of fraud
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Diversion of business opportunities
  • Disagreements over the future of the business

If there’s a clear-cut resolution, we’ll help you obtain it. If the matter is more complex, we’ll help you work toward a comprehensive resolution that best serves the business. The sooner you can address partnership concerns, the more the problems can be contained. Waiting too long to address budding disputes is likely to harm the business’s operations and may lead to the dissolution of the business in its entirety.

Utilizing the Right Means to Resolve Disputes Efficiently and Effectively

If the disagreement between partners has risen to the level of a legal dispute, there are a number of options for obtaining a thorough resolution. Depending upon the means prescribed in the governing documents, the nature of the disputes, and the wishes of the partners involved, you may be able to resolve your dispute by way of:

  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

At Rounds & Sutter, our partnership dispute attorneys are trial veterans who are more than capable of representing your interests all the way to a verdict. However, litigation should always be a last resort. If there’s a way to resolve the matter informally or, failing that, through alternative dispute resolution, it’s likely to be cheaper, easier, and more private than taking the matter to court. Consult with our business dispute lawyers about your concerns and your options to chart the best path forward.

Call a Southern California Partnership Dispute Lawyer for Help Resolving Partnership Disputes Thoroughly, Discreetly, and Concretely

The business law attorneys at Rounds & Sutter offer personalized, tailored service to California enterprises dealing with disputes among partners. We’ll help you identify points of contention, determine where governance documents conclusively resolve matters, and find amicable solutions for all parties involved. If it’s in the best interests of the company for a partner to leave or the partnership to dissolve, we’ll help you facilitate succession or restructuring gracefully. Our California business law attorneys are ready to help you protect your business, your reputation, and your future. We’ll help you pursue all available options with the goal of preserving the future of your business with minimal interruption. Contact the Southern California partnership dispute law firm Rounds & Sutter in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or Westlake Village for a free consultation.