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Southern California Business Mediation Lawyer

The attorneys at Rounds & Sutter have years of experience providing considered advice and comprehensive legal representation to California business owners and operators regarding business mediations. Mediation can be a cheaper, faster, and less contentious alternative to litigation, helping the parties reach a settlement while preserving their working relationship. If you are facing the prospect of a commercial dispute, whether between business partners, contractors, suppliers, employees, or other counterparties, our business conflict resolution lawyers will help you consider your options.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) used to resolve legal conflicts outside of the courtroom. Mediation is a more informal process, intended to help the parties find a mutually agreeable solution to the issue at hand. Whereas litigation is an adversarial process, built to pit the two sides against one another, mediation is all about working together, with help from a mediator, to resolve the conflict in a way that leaves all parties satisfied.

Mediation takes place through a series of mediation sessions at which the parties meet, along with their attorneys and an impartial third-party mediator. The mediator is not meant to decide upon issues like a judge; instead, the mediator identifies specific points of contention, common goals, and helps the parties figure out how to meet in the middle and minimize future disputes. The aim is for the parties to reach mutual agreement on a settlement; no third party like a judge will issue proclamations that bind the parties. No one is forced to settle in the end, but mediation assumes that that’s the goal of the parties involved.

Mediation is typically a voluntary process and can occur before litigation or during litigation. Some courts may order the parties to engage in mediation in order to settle before trial. If you are considering mediation, or if you have been ordered to attend mediation by the court, a seasoned mediation lawyer can help you understand the process and protect your interests throughout.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation offers a cheaper, streamlined approach to conflict resolution. Lawsuits can take months or even years, involve extensive discovery, expert witnesses, time-consuming court motions and arguments, and generally cost the litigants nearly as much as the amount in dispute itself. Lawsuits also tend to amplify the conflicts at issue, making them more personal and contentious.

Mediation offers a more collaborative approach to resolving conflicts. The parties enter the proceedings with the goal of finding a solution that works for all interested parties, aiming to meet in the middle. Many of the costly parts of litigation can be avoided. The process tends to proceed much more quickly, and costs are greatly reduced. Moreover, the contentious nature of lawsuits can be avoided. This is especially important in the business context where the litigants may hope to have a continuing relationship after the legal dispute is resolved. By working together to find an amicable solution, the business partnership is more likely to survive.

Mediation may not be feasible or available in every dispute, but where it’s an option, it’s generally preferable to litigation. A seasoned California mediation attorney can help you understand your options for conflict resolution and whether mediation is in your best interests.

Resolve Your Commercial Disputes Efficiently and Effectively With Help From a Southern California Mediation Lawyer

At Rounds & Sutter, we offer personal, tailored service to California business owners facing breach of contract disputes and other legal conflicts. We’ll help you review your options and take the steps necessary to protect your interests, your finances, and your business network. Whether you are dealing with liability issues, negotiating with contractors or suppliers, fielding an employment dispute, or facing any other business law conflict, Rounds & Sutter is ready to help. If mediation is right for you, we’ll provide considered advice and assistance at every step of the process. Contact our Southern California business mediation legal offices in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or Westlake Village for a free consultation.