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Outside General Counsel to Southern California and Central Coast Businesses

Smaller businesses often cannot afford to have in-house legal counsel advising and assisting them on day-to-day legal and business affairs, yet they face all the same issues that confront the giant corporations – employment and personnel matters, customer relations, environmental regulations and government compliance, and disputes with vendors, suppliers and distributors.

Rounds and Sutter offers a solution in the form of outside general counsel services. As a retainer-based service, our firm is always available to advise and consult whenever you need us. We are available to review a contract, discuss a process for a new hire or other employment issue, or advise you on the legal procedure and potential pitfalls for a new business venture you may be considering. While an in-house counsel may not be affordable, our outside general counsel service is a cost-effective solution that will help you run your business with confidence and peace of mind, dealing with potential legal issues before they become expensive legal problems.

Our general counsel service is part of your comprehensive legal coverage

Even companies with in-house legal counsel or large legal departments use outside help when a particular matter arises that requires an attorney with special expertise in a particular area. As your outside general counsel, we can advise you when matters require additional help and can help you locate quality assistance. Furthermore, we serve as liaison between outside counsel and your company, helping to manage the litigation with an eye on your budget, goals and objectives so you know your business law matter is being taken care of in a manner that meets your needs. Of course, our own lawyers are capable of representing in any number of matters, including business formation, bankruptcy and debt collection, real estate, employment law and more.

Call Today to Learn More About General Counsel Services for Southern California Businesses

Find out how our outside general counsel service can provide you with security and peace of mind that all your legal needs will be handled expertly and efficiently and as a seamless part of your company operations, rather than as a disruptive or stressful business interruption. Contact Rounds & Sutter at our offices in Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Clemente or Westlake Village to visit with one of our experienced Southern California business lawyers.